Peru Nutrition Program


UNH Students Without Borders is currently working on a nutrition project in San Pedro de Casta, Peru. San Pedro is located in Mid-West Peru in the Andes Mountains.

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SWB sent seven students to San Pedro for a four-week assessment in May and June 0f 2013. After investigating potential projects, SWB decided to dedicate themselves to providing clean drinking water for the town and health education for the school. The project to provide clean drinking water was accepted as an official EWB-UNH project in October 2014. The health education project has continued under SWB-UNH.

Members of SWB have been researching healthy eating so that they can educate the students at the school in San Pedro de Casta. Cash crops are the main source of income for the majority of those who live in the San Pedro community. This means that the high nutrient vegetables are generally sold and the community is left with starchy, low nutrient food to eat. Unfortunately, this has left nearly a quarter of the population suffering from malnutrition. Students Without Borders is in a position to provide education about better eating habits.


In May and June of 2014 SWB sent down a team of seven students to begin to accomplish the goals of this project. In the two weeks they were in Peru the team fixed old, broken pipes and installed new ones. More calculations and observations were also taken for the water project. During this time, the team had the students fill out surveys on their eating habits and took data on their heights and weights. This information will help SWB members create a nutrition program for the school.

We are currently working on creating an entire program to implement into the school in San Pedro de Casta. This program will contain a video, educational posters, and other teaching materials. We hope to have this completed by January 2016.


We look forward to continuing this work and project!