Dominican Republic

EWB Action Shot

The Cumayasa water project was started in 2010 with the goal of designing and implementing a point of use drinking water system for the Pedro Duarte Middle School in Cumayasa, Dominican Republic. There is limited public water access in Cumayasa, but the water is non-potable forcing the school to purchase drinking water for its students.

In 2010 a partnership was formed between the Pedro Duarte School and the SWB UNH chapter. A point of use drinking water treatment system was developed and tested at UNH and implemented in 2012. The system operates as a batch treatment system and uses macro and micro filtration for particulate removal, GAC filtration for organic removal, and dosed chlorine for disinfection. The treatment scheme was developed for optimal performance as well as applicability for the community.

A follow-up visit in 2013 assessed the continued performance of the system and implemented a distribution system to provide clean water to the bathrooms, kitchen, and office at the school.

In September 2013 a social business proposal based on this system (HYDRATE) won second place at the NH Social Business Innovation Challenge. This proposal would build on the Cumayasa system and experience to develop a social business model to construct similar systems at other schools in the La Romana community and the wider Dominican Republic.