The Garden Project

Students Without Borders has partnered with our university’s Organic Garden Club to design a self sustaining garden system. We will gather our own water and power from nature’s local resources, food will be grown by students for students, and waste food from the dining halls will come back to the garden to be used as compost. Additionally, all proceeds from food sales will go towards the upkeep of the garden. This means that it will be a permanent feature of the University of New Hampshire as well as a valuable learning experience for all those involved.

The key objective is to build technologically sound systems of simple design that are easy to maintain. This goes for all aspects of the project. We are not looking for state of the art systems with new unheard of technologies, instead, we will utilize systems that have been proven to work, focusing on durability and longevity. Through a strong and committed team effort we will be able to conceive, create, and construct a sustainable garden for the benefit of the UNH community for years to come.

Currently, we are working to construct sustainable energy systems for pumping water for crop irrigation and electrical units. Possible solutions include solar and wind power, but no decisions have been made at this time.


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